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Labour Photo of the Year - 2010

Below are thumbnail images of the shortlisted photos as chosen by our panel of judges (David Bacon, Gretchen Donart, and Mac Urata).

Click on the image to see it in full size, and to learn more about it -- and also to add your comments.

Winning photo!
Farmer workers early in the morning, waiting to start the Pilgrimage for Freedom, around 50 km to walk from Leamington to Windsor in Ontario, to claim for rights, on Thanksgiving 2010.
A candle against dismissals. Eight KTU teachers were dismissed and 21 teachers were suspended because of a small amount of money donated to a minor opposition party. KTU teachers are denoucing these heavy disciplines holding candles.
Tümtis and UPS. Tümtis, the Turkish Road Transport Union, has had three picket lines at UPS sites in Turkey. This picture is taken at the picket line at Mahmutbey Transfer Center in Istanbul, and is a picture of the family members of a resisting worker, Alaatin Taş. There is his wife, Müzeyyen, son, Doğan, and little girls, Kader and Berfin.
UFCW Local 99 Strike Authorization Vote. Members of UFCW Local 99 cast their votes in 2009 at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, Ariz. The vote results rejected inadequate employer contract proposals and authorized their union leadership to call a strike, if necessary. A contract resolution was reached mere hours before UFCW members statewide were prepared to walk out on strike in November, 2009.
Sister in protest. Trade unionists from all over the UK descended on Birmingham on 3rd October 2010 to protest against the Conservative Party Conference, as the Coalition Government that the Conservatives were major partner in were instigating the worst cuts in public services, jobs and welfare benefits almost in living memory. Here, one protestor at the head of the march makes a rallying call whilst a future activist, perhaps, looks on admiringly.